Here’s Why Wearing Bamboo Fabric Underwear is Ideal For Men’s Comfort

Bamboo is considered to be the best fabrics on the planet—you’ll love the way it feels in your hands because it’s buttery smooth to the touch. This fabric is often softer than cotton and has a texture similar to cashmere and silk. Having a regenerated cellulosic fiber obtained from bamboo, this fabric has gone through the multi-phase process before touching your body.
So, when you wear a pair of MelangeFit’s Bamboo Comfort Boxer, you’ll experience a completely new level of finesse. Take a look at the list of benefits of putting on a pair of luxuriously comfortable briefs tailored using the finest bamboo fabric.
Top benefits of bamboo fabric
  • Having insulating properties improves your comfort level
First of all, bamboo has powerful insulating properties. So, when you wear bamboo comfort boxers, you’ll feel cooler in summers and warmer in winters. Its cross-section is filled with various micro-holes and micro-gaps – this means the fabric has an extraordinary capability of soil release and moisture absorbency.  To be precise, a bamboo fiber’s moisture-absorption capability is much better than that of cotton.
  • Saying goodbye to skin allergies caused by intimate apparels
 The second best thing about wearing natural bamboo underwear is that the fabric doesn’t cause allergic reactions. Why? Well, bamboo fabric has natural anti-bacterial elements that keep the bacteria away, so you don’t get any itchy feeling in your underwear throughout the day
  • Wearing eco-friendly clothing means you’re doing your bit to save the earth
Bamboo is an eco-friendly fabric. That means if you wear a pair of boxer briefs made from bamboo, you are saving natural resources. Bamboo shoots are cut to their base and regrow from the new shoots at an average rate of 12 inches per day. And here’s the best part: Bamboo fabric biodegrades faster than any of those oil-based synthetics. So, come on, wear a pair of bamboo comfort boxer briefs and take a confident step toward going green.
  • Retaining its natural properties isn’t that difficult
 If the bamboo textile is stored in temperature-controlled conditions, it’ll retain most of its natural properties with zero hassle. The list of these natural properties includes wicking properties, water resistance and breathability.
  • What do different research studies on bamboo fabric say?
 In the past, this fabric has undergone many technological analyses. Through these analyses, it’s clear that bamboo has a degree of whiteness and fineness similar to a conventional finely bleached viscose. Also, bamboo’s durability, tenacity and stability are high, adding to the fabric’s functionality.
Made from pure bamboo pulp fiber, the fabric is noted by the soft feel, excellent permeability and good absorption. Naturally, bamboo fabric is easy to dye; that’s why a bamboo fabric can be dyed in a range of colors giving it a splendid touch of pigmentation.
Because of these reasons, men’s bamboo comfort boxer brief is one of our hottest products at MélangeFit.
MélangeFit—a one-stop shop for finding the finest bamboo underwear
At MélangeFit, we bring a variety of bamboo underwear that’ll let your assets get all-day freshness and comfort. So, if you want to shop men’s boxer briefs that give you a huge bang for the buck, you must browse through our collection right away and pick the one that suits you the most.
So, don’t hold yourself back. Buy a chic pair of MF’s bamboo underwear and get ready to reap all the benefits of one of the softest fibers ever made.

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