3 Health Reasons to Buy Comfortable Men’s Underwear

With over 3 million sweat glands on the body, men sweat more than women. That’s why health reasons to buy comfortable men’s underwear is crucial for hygiene. We consulted with doctors to find out the health risks you’re making with underwear mistakes. The results surprised us; so start reading to save yourself!

Can men get fungal infections? Is there a permanent solution to sweaty balls? How do I keep my private area cool? Why are my balls always sweating? What is the right choice of underwear fabric? Stop wondering and get all your questions answered from experts before the summer starts scorching your groins!

1.    Yeast and Bacteria if you’re Unhygienic

Just like women, men can get yeast infections too. In fact, dirty underwear contains up to 1g of feces. If you wear the same underwear for more than a day, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria due to the trapped moisture and sweat.

Moreover, clean underwear keeps your private parts immune to bacterial infections and chaffing too.

2.    Threats of Tight Underwear on Men’s Fertility

Do you like body hugging tight undies? Well, drop it for the upcoming sunny season!

Doctors claim wearing underwear for more than a day can swell the penis head. Moreover, it can block the blood circulation and paralyze your nerves around the genital area leading to infertility. Moreover, boxer briefs are even prescribed by doctors for men with fertility issues.

3.    Effects of Wrong Fabric Choice of Men’s Underwear

Synthetic choice of fabric for men’s underwear irritates the private parts, especially in summers. That’s why it is best to pick cotton for workouts and exercise as it controls the sweat.  Moreover, it does not ride-up or itch as it keeps your private area cool throughout the day. Hence, buy comfortable underwear fabric fit for your lifestyle.

Before you Leave

The solution to avoid sweaty balls and chaffing on the inner thighs is breathable and comfy underwear. We use an advanced hypoallergenic material in our men’s underwear products to wick away the sweat down there and keep you cozy throughout the day.

If you’re an active man, you need comfy underwear for a healthy life!

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