Here’s a Short Guide to Picking the Right Underwear

Should I wear black boxers or white briefs? What would I look like in a swimming trunk? I  don’t want my underwear to make me look like a grandpa or too metrosexual, for words. Or should I wear something that makes me look masculine? Or just go with a thong? These are just a too many questions that may come to your mind when you’re picking a pair of underwear for yourself.

Let us help.  We are going to let you in on a few secrets so you can invest  your money on the right pair of underwear.

Avoid mainstream underwear brands

Instead of spending time and money on mainstream underwear brands, it’s time to go with designer brands. Shopping from mainstream underwear brands isn’t the best choice because the designs that are created are made for the general public. That means the underwear they design for you will also be designed for your granddad or your skinny neighbor.

The cuts and fabrics used by mainstream manufacturers in their underwear aren’t designed to enhance your looks. A case in point: Most mainstream brands may not be careful about the kind of waist elastic they’re using; maybe often times the elastic gets too tight. And tight waist elastics can create skin folds on your waist—not to mention how much discomfort they make you feel.

A big no-no to long boxers

Shun long boxers, period! Some of us clung to a particular style of underwear with which we have fallen in love. If you’re in love with a pair of long boxers, then reconsider your fondness for this underwear style.


First of all, a long boxer will take the attention from your legs—so if you’ve got really toned legs, you must avoid wearing such an underwear type. Second, long boxers can really kill your mobility; the same, however, can’t be said for shorter underwear cuts.

Low-rise underwear

When you wear a pair of low-rise underwear, your torso looks more toned and better. And the best part is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re ripped or have a bunch of extra pounds. Nothing can make you worse than donning a pair of undies that’ll reach all the way to your navel.

So, if you wear a pair of underwear that reaches your belly button, you’ll appear to be compacted. Rather, low-rise underwear can make your torso appear longer and help you look proportionate.

Bamboo is the comfort king


If you’ve only worn underwear that’s cut from cotton fabric, then give the bamboo fabric a try. You’ll never repent the switch from cotton to bamboo, for sure. The first thing that you’ll notice after wearing a pair of underwear made from bamboo is its softness.

Besides, underwear tailored using bamboo fabric goes through different quality checks. That way, you can rest assured that you’re getting the finest underwear for your money. Plus, bamboo underwear has insulating properties, which will improve your comfort level.

Bring the mesh

If you want your underwear to make you look like a sex symbol, then get a pair with mesh. However, the underwear doesn’t have to be completely in mesh—but it should have a significant percentage of mesh inside it.

Mesh makes your undies lighter, which eventually adds to your comfort quotient. So if you’re wearing a pair of underwear with mesh, you’ll avoid moisture staining your nether regions. That’s why a pair of undies with mesh can be worn throughout the day at work or in the gym. The best part is that mesh makes your underwear—and even you—look uber-chic.


So, you need a pair that’ll give you the right comfort, fit, and confidence down there so that you power through the most demanding days easily. At MélangeFit, we make sure that every pair of boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs is made from the most breathable fabrics.

MF underwear collection passes through a strict quality control process so that you get the most comfortable and durable underwear. Visit MélangeFit’s website today, explore its selection of cotton and bamboo underwear, and pick the one that suits your lifestyle the most.

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