How to judge whether a pair is solid travel underwear?

Meet Mike—a 33-year-old avid jet-setter who wants to explore the world. But going on hikes and visiting exotic locales with humid weather gets the better of him.

His long journeys often cause him discomfort down there. And that uncomfortable feeling can quickly give rise to rubbing, sweating, chafing.

Hold on, why should  Mike o put up with so much discomfort, to begin with? Well, because he wears a pair of regular underwear during his trips.

Every time you wear a pair of regular underwear, you’ll cause yourself unnecessary irritation that’ll make your trips less amazing and more frustrating.

So, if you’re a seasoned traveler, you need to get travel underwear. That’s because when you’re traveling, you need quick dry active underwear to keep everything comfortable and in place.

The hallmarks of the best travel underwear

Travel underwear is designed for keeping you mobile and comfy irrespective of the kind of travel you’re doing.

At MélangeFit, we make sure to design and stitch underwear keeping in mind your active lifestyle. To cut to the chase, we’re going to give some highlights of our travel underwear.

Fabrics matter the most

We use a moisture-wicking fabric that’s known for breathability along with drying and cooling capabilities. This fabric absorbs the moisture, releases it for fast evaporation, and prevents chafing.

A tag-less waistband

The waistband that we put in our travel underwear uses refined elastic. And, best of all, this waistband doesn’t carry any tag that can make you feel itchy or irritated.

Durability is a priority

Good quick dry travel underwear is designed to last for a lot of years, and not just two or three trips. That’s why we use strong fabrics that’ll stand the test of time.

To sum up

So, don’t want to end up like Mike? If so, get men’s travel underwear from MélangeFit. That way, you’ll get a real travel buddy that’ll put confidence in your every move and make you a trip-savvy traveler.


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