The Only Go-To Guide You Should Read on Different Underwear Fabrics

Underwear is available in a variety of fabrics ranging from leather to cotton. Which one will look and feel best on you? Well, it depends. When you are searching for the best underwear for men, you will find a huge selection of not only fabrics but also patterns and colors that will suit the tastes of different men.

Most of the time, the fabric of your underwear may influence its longevity. But before jumping into the enormous variety of fabrics used for stitching underwear, let us get the low-down on different colors in which you can find this intimate apparel.

Underwear colors: Light or dark?

There are so many underwear patterns and colors available today for you to choose from outside the standard white options.. If you are seriously a fashion-forward man who likes to flaunt his undies at the appropriate time, then you should go with a dark-colored fabric.

Here is one amazing fashion tip for underwear lovers: If you are wearing trousers or a pair of jeans that has a dark shade, then you should wear underwear of a dark-colored fabric. But if you want to wear white slacks or a pair of light-shaded pants, pick underwear that has a lighter shade such as white. Undies that are stitched using darker fabrics have a way of showing themselves through your lighter-hued trousers or pants.

Also, it might not be a good idea to wear patterned undies when you are wearing a pair of light-shaded pants or trousers. That is because patterned underwear will also show through a light-shaded trouser—and that may be embarrassing for some people.

Now that you know a thing or two about underwear colors, it is about time to resolve your confusion regarding underwear fabrics.

Underwear fabrics: Which one feels the best?


This is one of the most commonly worn fabrics in men’s underwear. Why? Well, because the fabric is highly absorbent and breathable. That is exactly why you will find so many stores selling cotton underwear for men.

If you like wearing natural fibers, you must consider wearing cotton undies. But like many other fabrics, cotton is available in different varieties; which is why, you will see that the prices of cotton underwear vary. To be precise, if you are concerned about which cotton has been used for making your underwear, you need to track the origin of the fabric—that is, whether the cotton used in your undies was extracted from Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton or any other variety.


Sometimes, it is discouraged to wear underwear stitched from 100 percent cotton. Why? Because the fact of the matter is that a pair of undies having an elastic waistband is more comfortable than undies with 100% cotton.

Because of this, most cotton blends used in underwear are stitched from a mix of cotton and other stretchable fabrics. When it comes to finding best-in-class cotton blends, pick the one that has the highest percentage of cotton. When the concentration of cotton is higher, the underwear will definitely feel softer.


If you are looking for luxurious softness in your underwear, buy men's bamboo performance boxer brief or other underwear variety made from this fabric. If you want your underwear to feel as soft as silk or cashmere, then a pair of bamboo underwear is your best bet.

Or if you want to bid adieu to intimate apparels that may cause skin allergies, then pick the underwear that uses  the bamboo fahbric. In fact, bamboo fabric has anti-bacterial elements that will definitely keep the bacteria at bay.

Wrapping it up

Now, you know different fabrics used for stitching underwear varieties. In case you want to buy the most comfortable underwear that is stitched using the finest fabric, head over to MélangeFit—it is your one-stop shop for buying high-quality underwear. Browse through the store’s amazing range of men’s underwear and pick the right men’s bamboo comfort boxer briefs or cotton boxers or any other underwear type that complements your style.

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