4 Quick Tips to Find the Best Boxer Brief For You

Did you know 85% of men’s impotency issues are caused by external factors? From the right function to the right fabric or length, there are many things to remember when picking your boxers or briefs. We experimented with a ton and are ready to show you the best ways to find the best boxer brief for you.

Don’t let poor underwear choices ruin your fertility forever. Get started!

4 Simplest and Smartest Tips to Find the Best Boxer Brief For You

1.     Check your Body Type to Find the Best Boxer Brief For You

Not every man is built the same way. That’s why I often vouch for picking the best boxer brief according to your body. Moreover, your thigh size can help to determine the right underwear for your body. Slim thighs should go for the stretch band while people with sizeable thighs benefit most from the trimmed waistband. Is this the first time you're hearing about types of waistbands? Subscribe to the blog because I will be defining more than two types of waistbands ideal for men's underwear. 

While tight-fitting underwear signifies the need for a larger choice of size, you must go for a lower size if your baggy boxers are too loose. Depending on the size of your behind, choose an underwear with more (full bottom) or less fabric above the thigh area for a cozy feel throughout the day.

2.      Which Type of Underwear

What is your Style?

If you’re a guy who loves casual wear or love to relax, boxer briefs with room to breathe should be your high priority. On the flipside, if you love underwear that hugs your skin and keeps things tightly in place, you need trunks with a lot of stretch.

3.      Find the Right Fabric

Not every boxer brief is designed with a focus on comfort. That’s why you need a fabric that wicks away the sweat as well as keeps your downstairs hygienic.

While 100% cotton is ideal for a tropical climate, an athletic-focused mix of fabric are also ideal, depending on your lifestyle. Look out for phrases such as ‘anti-microbial’, ‘micro modal’ and ‘classic cotton’ when picking the right boxer brief for you. I know these terms sound complex, so stay tuned and I will explain it in the coming blogs!

4.      Look for Specials

From natural bamboo to quick dry alternatives, men’s underwear is raving through innovations. You can get boxers or briefs tailor-made for your package. For special nights, get special boxers or briefs to surprise your partner. And believe me bro, they will!

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