EXPOSED! The most commonly committed underwear crimes come to light

Your underwear defines who you are. Its fit decides how comfortable you feel on the inside. Despite your underwear’s importance, you may be guilty of committing some grave underwear offenses. In this article, we’ll nail down the most common underwear faults you’re unknowingly committing every day.

Offense #1: Wearing your worn-out undies

Do you think that your worn-out undies are comfortable since you’ve got used to them? If so, you need to rethink how you wear your underwear. A comfortable men’s underwear shouldn’t be worn out. Saggy, overused underwear is simply awful—and its awfulness goes up by several notches if it has got holes in it too. Even check your underwear’s elastic’s quality; if it’s shredding, then you should ditch it then and there. The bottom line: If you’re wearing a very old pair, it’s about time to upgrade it with no delay.

Offense #2: A pair of unclean undies isn’t hygienic

You should wear a properly washed pair of underwear if you want to practice the highest standards of hygiene down there. If your undies have stains on them, then either wash the pair properly or dispose of them immediately.

Offense #3: Ignoring a pair of underwear’s fitting Problems

To be honest, the fit of your underwear is as important as the fit of your suit. If you’re ignoring your underwear’s fit, you may feel any of the following issues.

  • Your undies will most probably bunch up and stick from the back of your pants.
  • Your underwear’s waistband might be tight to the point that you’re feeling uncomfortable.
  • Your undies are not fitting right and they are pulled up incorrectly, causing your crack to show through your pants A—and that’s  definitely  
  • Your pair of undies can have a bad fit if it’s too loose or baggy.
  • You need to t stay away from wearing boxers that get all bunched up over your waistband.

Now, you know the most commonly committed underwear crimes. Are you guilty of committing any of these offenses? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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