Why Paying More for Your Underwear Makes Complete Sense?

When you’re buying a home, car, or TV, you’ll be extra cautious before making the final buying decision.


Well, because big bucks are involved.

But do you adopt the same attitude, or a similar level of care, when you’re shopping for a pair of underwear? Here’s a straight answer: No, you don’t.

The thing is, many guys prefer buying inexpensive underwear instead of going high-end.

Why, you ask?

The chief reason for making this specific buying decision is simple: Since guys don’t show off their skivvies, they don’t want to invest much in them. All they’re concerned about is the correct sizing—and that’s that. They don’t mind compromising on the garment’s fit, stitch, and many more extras that make the experience of wearing underwear comfortable.

And that’s just one of the many reasons why you need to invest in high-end underwear. Now, let’s explore in detail two of the most important factors that’ll motivate you to pick expensive underwear rather than going with a pack of cheap tighty-whities.

Reason #1: Fabric matters the most

The gap in the quality of cheap fabrics and luxury ones is yawning.

When it comes to judging the comfort of a clothing item, its fabric’s quality matters a lot. And the quality of the fabric becomes all the more important when the clothing item is underwear.

See, here’s the thing: You, like any other male, would want your underwear to be a workhorse—a true survivor. And a pair of underwear won’t be able to exhibit the features of a workhorse until it’s cut from a piece of quality fabric.

On the other hand, low-end underwear is usually made of inferior cotton—a kind of fabric whose thread is non-durable and whose fibers are short.

Today, you can lay your hands on a fine pair of underwear made from even finer fabrics such as high-end cotton and bamboo.

What’s more, fabrics are important in judging the longevity of underwear. For instance, if you’re buying a pair that’s tailored using cheap fabric, then the underwear will begin wearing out after 20 washes. However, the same thing can’t be said for a pair cut using fine fabrics—high-end underwear made from a top-of-the-shelf fabric can last up to 200 washes.

Reason #2: Keep in mind the underwear’s fit

When it comes to wearing the most comfortable underwear, it comes down to its fit. In terms of fitting, luxury underwear can easily yet slightly overpower its cheap counterparts. We use the word “slightly” because the difference that a pair of well-fitted underwear will provide is incremental—but it’s there all the same.

And if you’re someone who looks for maximum confidence and comfort down there, then you should keep in mind the boxers or boxer briefs fit.

Know that the most luxurious pair of underwear will always fit better. Why? Because its manufacturers pay close attention to not only on the garment’s stretch fabric but also the seams, elastic band, and whatnot.

In the end

So, now, you know why it makes sense to invest in high-end underwear instead of wasting your money on cheapo ones.

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