You Need To See The Structure And Anatomy Of Men’s Underwear

Did you know 90% of men’s underwear sales are from boxers, briefs or boxer briefs? While 21% of Americans do not purchase a new pair of underwear for 5-10 years (YES, it’s shocking), nearly 0% ignore the anatomy of men’s underwear and features. Save yourself with the 1-minute read below!

Three Most Important Features To Know In The Anatomy Of Men’s Underwear


Did you know 20% of men never use the fly of their underwear? There are many redundant features as well as custom factors to keep in check when shopping for an underwear.


While cotton is breathable, it can constrict the groins when the underwear is 100% cotton. However, the right proportion of spandex with cotton and bamboo can wick away the moisture without sweating profusely. Our Quick Dry Sports Boxer Brief and Quick Dry Active Boxer Brief are perfect for high performance activities.  



There are three main types of waistbands.


Often seen in boxers, encased briefs feature a trimmed out waistband where the elastic is covered in the boxer fabric with zero exposure.  

Invisible Waistband
When the elastic waistband is encased from one side such that the softer side of the elastic touches your skin, it does not expose the waistband. The best use of invisible waistband is in boxers featuring stretch quality band.

Sewn On
Often seen with woven elastic waistbands, a sewn-on the waistband, the elastic is exposed with the logo usually on the band. This is popular with briefs and trunks in men’s underwear.  Our sewn on waistband stretches and relaxes into fit effortlessly.


While most underwear for men is seamless, seams add texture, cut and comfort to your crotch area.

This is the extension of the underwear such as boxer briefs on the inner leg to prevent chaffing during long days.

Flatlock Seam
Carefully designed to prevent rubbing of the thighs. It can prevent lines of the underwear showing up over your pants or shorts too. Moreover, flatlock seam flattens the underwear to smoothly hug the body.

Before You Go …

MélangeFit features underwear with superior comfort down there. Have any questions about the anatomy of men’s underwear? Ask me below and I’ll get back in 12 hours or less!


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