Active Lifestyle Men’s Underwear

For your active lifestyle, wearing the appropriate underwear is very important.  Wearing wet clothes, when unplanned, is extremely uncomfortable, especially if you are traveling with a pair of damp underwear that will never go dry.  Not only does it smells, the moisture can increase friction between your skin and the fabric, and now you have rashes and blisters. Not cool.

Quick dry fabric is valued for its drying, cooling and breathability capabilities. While most fabrics keep the moisture from your body trapped, preventing its evaporation, the quick dry fabric absorbs and releases the moisture to surface for quick evaporation.  Additionally, it conceals excessive perspiration, wicks away moisture, prevents fungal and bacterial growth, and neutralizes odor to keep you smelling fresh.

Our active lifestyle men’s sports underwear is ideal for high energy activities and their breathable mesh allows for smooth airflow, so you feel cool and extra comfortable. They are great for an active lifestyle both at the gym and for extensive travels. They come with a traveling and reusable pouch, easy for your luggage and very convenient for storage. MélangeFit’ Quick Dry Sports Boxer Briefs for men come with a breathable and comfortable fit form-fitting feature and flat-lock seams that prevent loose movements, so that you can enjoy your sporting activities to the fullest. These athletic boxer briefs have been designed to allow you to carry all sporting activities without any underwear discomfort, incorporating unique functional and fashion designs. The longer length of the boxer resolves ride up problem and is best for long endurance exercises as you won’t have any rubbing between the legs.

MélangeFit quick dry men’s underwear collection is designed to provide you utmost comfort without compromising on its key feature of Quick Dry.

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